Keep Me Hangin' On - 12" Release

Hey 80’s fans. I added an electro remix of Kim Wilde’s - Keep Me Hangin’ On. It was a lot of fun to write.

I know everyone is keen on the details:

Sampled Kim Wilde. Used Recycle to speed it up to 135. Then I compressed it with WaveLab and Steinberg Compressor until I got rid of most of the dynamics. Put the sample into Renoise. Added some beats using samples. Used a VST instrument for the bassline and synths, made the hook. Went back to arrange the song into something like “trance”. Added the renoise EQ, delays and some reverbs. Chained a Renoise compressor on the kick and bass. Added some lazer sound effects. Rendered to wav. That was it.


Cool, thanks for the details :D

I’m really interested in learning how/why everyone made their tracks so I hope to see more like this in the future :unsure:

It sounds cool, though there are some mastering issues… The laser-blip is too loud for instance, but that’s really a minor issue that can easily be fixed.

One thing that hit me was the first introduction of the vocal theme, how it all seemed to be way in the background of the chris le-produced track, that was kinda cool! If you had some more melody to fill in, kinda to replace the sampled track with, you’d be taking the track further! :)