Keep playing while rendering to sample

Title should explain all, basically, be able to remain freely in control of start/stop player while doing a render to sample.

This means you want a real-time rendering mode for selections…
It could work out for simple instruments or midi return instruments. It might turn out bad for cpu heavy plugins.
And even simple instruments might not render fine if the other tracks (or non-selected areas) are running cpu hungry features.

I was basically thinking that in two ways it might be possible to impliment (given that I don’t know a thing about building a DAW environment);

  • select a part, and ‘as soon as’ the playhead runs about that part of the song the output of the tracks in selection is also rendered to sample.
  • in off-line (songmode) render, there’s a option to render in idletime. but indeed, using this feature would need duplication of the feature.

In the meantime I’ll improve on my Reaktor live looper. It’s getting really awesome.