Keep sample properties when loading new samples

Is it possible to leave the set sample properties unchanged when loading new samples?
Let’s say Beatsync 64 and Percussion. After loading new samples it always jumps to the default settings.

Kinda sorta. There’s a trick.

You silence the original sample (e.g. select the whole thing then replace with silence), load a new sample (INTO A NEW TEMP SLOT!), select and copy this new sample wave form, and then paste-mix over the (now silent) original sample.

Since you’re mixing into silence you just get the new sample, but all the sample settings are retained.

If all looks good, delete that temp slot you created.

(Props to whomever I learned this from on this forum a while back.)

This is very handy when, for example, you’ve been using one OK sample, set up slices, and stuff, then make a better version of the sample but don’t want to re-do all the instrument stuff.

Thanks. I fear I didn’t get it:

Below is a screenshot. In the instrument window I have that “We are the raggamuffin” sample which is already sliced. When copying the waveform from e.g. “Fleak Beat 3” into the “We are the raggamuffin” instrument I loose all my slices. What works is when I put the sample from my file explorer directly into the instrument window. This will not change the properties.

If this works then that’s perfect.

Maybe something was changed in v3.0.x (because I don’t think that direct copy/paste worked before).

Yes, it works and is quick.

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