Keeping Track Of Patterns

hi, sorry if this question has been addressed before - i’m totally new to trackers.
i’m trying to get my head around renoise, and one thing that seems to give me trouble is how to keep track of patterns; let me describe the situation:

lets say i’m starting a track, and i’ve got various ideas for drum patterns, bass, leads, etc. for me, its easiest to make a lot of these elements seperate from the others, and then eventually start mixing them together - i.e. i’m coming from fruityloops and this is really easy to do in the playlist editor.

but the patterns in trackers seem to be static, in that the only way to ‘layer’ tracks is to literally have all those elements playing together in the same pattern.

so my question for all you experienced trackers is, what is your strategy for keeping various pattern elements ordered logically so that you can eventually mix them together for your final song?

There are a few basics to keep in mind:

All track-properties within each patternare statically fixed for the whole song, this means:VST/ DSP effects.
You can give each track it’s own name to the kind of character you want to use it for (e.g. Percussion, Base, Lead)
If you are not happy with the current track order, you can drag and drop tracks on different positions within the pattern to restructurise it, this part is a global event so whenever you drag a track within one pattern, it affects for all the other patterns as well.

This is the primary structure. Now when you want you want to keep track of where certain track-options are, you can use the sequencer naming table to enter your keywords in. It is actually the name assigned to the pattern, but using it as a reference with keywords to know where stuff is, it may serve this way as well.

There is no real way to attach certain tracks to pattern-entries (as it would save copying and pasting existing pattern data to other patterns, but currently this is yet the only way to do it)

How did you create those gif sequences?

Avi snapshot creation with Bulents Screen Recorder. (recording with HQ sound is pretty undoable even with a beefy computer, i must warn you) (link doesn’t seem to work right now)

Process the AVI with whatever movie-editor you have to make it as tight as possible.

Then convert the avi to gif with this tool:


It’s free for personal use (some nag advertisement in there)
But for 15 euro’s you have a registered edition

These pages also has a couple links to of good tools (Flash, gif and png)

ThanX. :D

thanks for the ideas. your help is greatly appreciated :)
good stuff, and i’ll just make more tracks and get used to the pattern idea.
thanks again

Instead of doing the different parts in different patterns like you would in Fruity, just make them all in the same pattern, but just mute out all the bits you’re not working on at the time. Then when you’ve got all your ideas down, clone the pattern to form your timeline, and then edit (delete) bits out where you don’t need them.