Keith McMillen does it again!

Interesting… Don’t think I’ll go for the Kickstart this time but I might look again after official release :)

I hear you on that one. Worst kickstarter I have been part of.

Watching Keith McMillen nonchalantly catch and throw gear :lol:

Props for the invention - it’s not a keyboard player’s keyboard, but interesting concept nevertheless.
Favorite parts are control voltage and per-key pressure sensitivity.

This interests me. I’ve been wanting a small and fun keyboard to mess around with, and this seems like it really fits the bill, with fun extra features that I wouldn’t have imagined as a bonus.
I pledged $190. I wanted the midi expander too so I could control my Virus without going through my PC. (for bedtime jams)

Thanks for posting this, I probably wouldn’t have found out otherwise.

Unless you really want all the CV interface stuff it seems like a lot of money for a 2 octave keyboard with fake keys.

Saying the only other keyboard I’ve seen with X and Y location plus pressure on all keys is in the region of thousands of pounds (although I think for a full-sixed keyboard) I don’t think I agree. It’s not just a simple keyboard. They are not just “fake keys”!

You should try 800 Eurobucks

Crap you should see the accessories, i laughed my lungs out…

Looks pretty cool, so you can use the location of fingers on the keys to control synth/fx paramaters?

The OP does seem overpriced, and it is definitely not for someone looking for versatility. But for a fun toy, I wouldn’t knock it so hard. And the accessories are actually pretty clever. You can’t hate it too much for daring to be original or different.

And no, MrPopinJay, it’s not a lot of money for a 2 octave keyboard that I can convert to midi without using my PC, with a lot more interesting features than I could ask for a keyboard. I’m not even very good at playing, so I’m certainly not going to mind a ‘different’ or ‘fake’ play feel or style.

not saying it’s the same thing or price range but maybe this is of interest for you people into pressure expression (not on the market yet though)

Wow! Looks pretty cool. Bet it wont be cheap though!

Hopefully more affordable than the fingerboard.

I reckon more than 2k, less than 5k.

Bearing in mind that the Dave Smith Tempest, which has basically taken most of the ideas from what should have been the LinnDrumm II, is 2K… But then again that has a lot of audio generating circuitry too. Hmmm.

Well the Madrona Labs wooden equivalent (almost) is near 2k:

The full Eigenharp is well over 2k: (Tau ~2k, Alpha ~5k)

I believe the Continuum Fingerboard is in the same region too…

“…and now for some exciting products brought to you by our new division, ToddlerEngineering!”

At a curiosity, what about the kickstarter were you unsatisfied with? The quneo reviews seem to be pretty positive thus far.

How about the months and months of waiting for units to be sent out and the fact people were able to buy them through external supplier for the same price as the Kickstarter before units were even shipped to people who took part in the Kickstarter project?

Wouldn’t be surprised if there are other complaints too though…

Too bad. As someone who travels a lot and counts every 1/2 pound added to their bag, I really like this form factor. The Akai LP- and Korg Nano- series are okay, but the build quality and playability could be a lot better. I’d like to pay a premium for a higher-quality instrument with this form factor but the options are really limited. Still considering picking up a quneo from amazon…

Yeah, they are trying to catch this problem using specific backing plans so they know who lives inside the US or outside. Problem in the current backing request is that plans for the international shipping starts at 200 bucks, which means they charge you 50 bucks for shipping.

That’s the same as they charged last time. You had to add it yourself onto whatever backing plan you chose.

To be fair most the issues were with Chinese suppliers and not much more they could have done about it. And although shops had them listed clearly they couldn’t be sending them to them before they have units they’re happy with. But communication was a little sparse at time and still felt quite annoyed with all the waiting and silence at times…

Oh yeah, there is also the broken promises about having the source code for the Editor software and other parts. As of yet OSC has barely made Beta and there is no access to the direct sensor data or sign of the promised API. So the above issues are not quite the sum total of it… Still seems a fairly quality product and they are definitely no worse than anybody else on the others (just a shame they appear to have gone against their promises in areas.)