keith303 - as we mature

my entry for the currently held one-synth-challenge round 66

all instruments/drums/percussions made with Elektrostudio Odsay (freeware VSTi).

Wow! Fabulously awesome as usual… this difinitely made my night. I love the intro and outro indeed, and am hypnotized listening to this over over again. Thanks! :slight_smile:

both of you: thanks for commenting :slight_smile:

Excellent song, and here is why: regardless of the artful use of a single synth, which is impressive in its own right, the song actually shows clear progress in terms of melody as well as timbral shape.

That’s one awesome track! Downloading the synth now.

Also: followed ya on Soundcloud.


Absolutely love your productions (you know that)

Odsay is great too

thank you guys, always glad to hear someone is listening.


yes, i know that for that for the stuff released in the past, but it’s nevertheless good to know it didn’t change until today. :slight_smile:

odsay is actually pretty OK for a freeware synth, but definately challenging if you’re used and spoiled by beasts like spire or massive, which are of course way more flexible.

most challenging was however the monophonic nature of odsay, which is really not very handy for chords. :wink:

Checking the forums finally again and I see keith303 :w00t:

Awesome to see you’re still making music man! When I listen to the tune I still get that good old 2007 keith-vibe like “steambath” or “due midnight” which inspired me quite much.

Good job also on using only a single synth. :slight_smile:

Great track! Me like! :slight_smile: