Keith303 - Evoke 2008 Entries

absolutely interstellar (evoke_cut)
compo: mp3/ogg
format: mp3
placed: 4th

compo: tiny music (<=64k zipped)
format: xrns
placed: 5th

entitled untitled
compo: loop
format: wav
placed: 5th

Just checked out gummi.xrns, and I really like it. It is quite a slow starter I think
and the tune that starts from around 2:00 is really nice :walkman:

And thanks for posting the .xrns, It’s good for a n00b like myself to learn from…

Listening to the loop, it’s somewhere in this room. 10 minutes straight, I know that much (appreciated)

(wonder was this loop compo is about, it sounds interesting!) :ph34r:

What are the rules?

Already got all of them thirstily as soon as they were uploaded at All brilliant as always.



  • max. 12 second loop, any bpm speed
  • wave file format only
  • original loops (not used in a track before)
  • will be played for one minute

thanks for feedback to all of you.
glad you like it, ashy!

Great productions as usual and “absolutely interstellar” was my personal favorite in the OGG competition. I’ve noticed all three of your entries simply by listening and not even looking at the stream. :)

“absolutly interstellar” Trancy beats nicely bounces of them speakers!! turn it up and dance! :D

so u were mentioning an 8:48 min version eh ? is it available ?

love your work!

Great stuff as usual :)

thanks to each and everyone of you!

it’s not available yet.
i’m planning to look for better ways of distribution for this one.
will report back here if it’s actually released.

why not make an album? ill buy it immediatly!

The loop compo indeed sounds cool. :)

Maybe we should try something out aswell in here?

if you wouldn’t mind an album which consists of music ranging from techno to DnB to house to breaks to tech-house to electro to etc, then yeah… why not?
but getting a longplayer filled with just one style would be pure torture for me. ;)

but i might consider this, thanks for your interest in any way.

the loop compo at evoke was really a refreshing event.
if somebody would arrange such a competition properly, like with a dedicated little webpage, voting system, etc, then i think it would certainly rock.
elsewhat it would lack attention and therefore contributions, i fear.

I feel the urge for a coop… caugh

Seriously, absolutly interstellar is clearly another showcase of the multitalent we have here. :)

Just to get an idea ;)

and btw , 27000 visited on your website ! congratulations ! :D


The Coop u did with Beatslaughter “Bluflame - Crowbar Massacre”, incredible dynamics! it sure was a massacre! phenomal work! :yeah:

I have been that told albums will be no more in the future. Smaller “albums” like 4-track EP’s are getting more and more popular at the webshops. This is quite an important movement since everything is going to be digital in the future.

You can do EP’s right? Make them, sell them, get rich! :guitar:

But the reason I dug up this topic because I had a closer listen to absolutely interstellar. What a kickass track! Really nice work dude :yeah:

I’m impressed with the loop man! Very effective. Wasn’t expecting to be impressed by a loop :)