Keith303 - From My Halcyon Heart

hey fellas,

there’s a new tune in town called “from my halcyon heart”.
it’s somewhere between IDM and utter popsong cheese (towards the end in particular), but maybe you like it anyways! :)
Rale of Traction was kind enough to use that tune for a demo which was released at stream’10 (finland), last weekend.

MP3: download
Demo executable: Traction - Glimmerbreaker
Youtube Vid (only recommended if hardware fails):


Been a fan of you since the 90’s…you have a paypal account right?thinking of donating…problem is musicians are so broke they can’t support other fellows…Irony…

Kevin G

Nice tune! +1

Great work! Love

Hypnotic intro, outstanding groove… fantastic bassline, sexxyyy!!!

Nice track, really enjoyed that, please continue to provide us with such lovely music.

nice to hear a “demostyle” tune from you again :) realy good chord structure!

Awesome tune.

MOAAAAAAAAAR please! :walkman:

+1 :)

I don’t know but I always prefer your older tunes, they have soul for me and they convince me somehow ;). Anyway, this track is well done and you keep still high level. Just the type of sounds is not to my taste.

Technically great, I like this deep and sharp bass. Everything sounds fresh.

thanks for feeding back, everyone!

i really can’t stand my old stuff. that includes the entire ft2 era - it’s just too oldskool sounding, unstructured and has naturally a pretty lofi quality sound (no proper mixing/totally unmastered)
can’t enjoy such legacy tunes in general anymore.

btw: congratz to your soundtrack for the main#5 demo. i read you did that tune in one day? with renoise?
no matter what, for one day it’s a jolly good job!

Yeah, I completely understand it. I’m not saying you should go back, just I enjoy a bit more while listening to, for example, “Amphetamine” (despite the quality of sound and structure) :). But, well, I’m sure there will be tunes from you that will change my opinion. It’s just the matter of time and your mood while tracking :D.

Wow, thanks :). Cubase this time.

PS I forgot to say: the sax part is the best part from this song. Moar :D.

Luv it:-) has a mix of old school Amiga demo scene/Aphex Twin/ü-ziq/Autechre feeling:-) Great work :)

Intro made me go in 'Ohww and then suddenly kickin the drums that loud really blew me away :). The cool and dynamic vid gave shape to the music . I hope to see more of this. Welldone and applaus.

Smooth and intelligent B)