keith303 - median

just-in-time for the OSC 74 deadline:

made with 17 instances of dexed

i guess it’s now safe to say that i don’t like FM synthesis.

Great track. Interesting idea with a delay sidechain :walkman:

beautiful track once again! great stuff!

Very smooth drums out of dexed - nice.

nice dreamy feel to it.

I love FM : )


i usually do that on every tune since quite a while. got it all set up and readily routed in my default template.

actually only the ducking intensity varies from song to song.

@••• H∑X • ∑Y∑ •••

well, at least i don’t love dexed. FM by itself can be interesting and pretty powerful if implemented in a more sophisticated way (e.g. NI FM8).

thanks for taking the listen everyone!