Keith303 - No More Looking Back / Angry Olga

in the course of soundevotion compo 25, i’d like to share these two tunes with you:

“no more looking back” (main entry)
rar/xrns | mp3

angry olga (just-for-fun-compo-compliant-excursion)
xrns | mp3

both tunes require the VSTi’s which were allowed for this round (schwa olga, audjoo helix & chimera) for proper xrns playback (angry olga although solely makes use of the olga synth).

No more looking back is quite a nice track. I love the melodies in this thing. Nice sidechainy-punch in this stuff.

Voting this 4/5 Stars because you usually get the 5/5. Feel ashamed I voted 4/5. Do it, feel ashamed ;)

No, SRSLY - I love this track. Better than your Dnb-Stuff imho.

No More Looking Back : It’s the signature K303 sound!! Modern touches are striking, such as the crunchy basslines, and the use of white-noise to replace snares in the buildup. Throw in a couple of final touches, and you’ve got an anthem!

I’d like to hear Angry Olga too, but then Schwa plugins are commercial if I’m not mistaken…Could you perhaps upload an mp3 of that song as well?

thanks for feeding back, at both of you.
marc, you just gotta be more flexible ;) - dnb can be really entertaining for home-listening purposes.

danoise, schwa olga is commercial, yes. however the demoversion has no limitation apart from a short nag-screen which pops up once every session.
i didn’t feel there was the need to render “angry olga”, since it’s really just a little fast-made fun tune i hacked together on one brief afternoon.
xrns is more fun anyways ; )

Allright, I’ll give it a shot :slight_smile:

technical skills 5/5
mastering 5/5

Over Geschmack can man sich stryten (Denglish Version)

so 3/5 :D

Wow keith :)
From what I hear out of the mp3 “No more looking back” has to be a source file at a high and very professional level.
Wahnsinn how you get out such a quality out of the samplepack.
And I really like the melody part. Everything around it might not be my style but I find it quiet entertaining and can hear easily that it’s some prescious and detailed artwork.

I don’t like you, you’re too good ;)

Best wishes,


Wow! As always, very nice tracks!

It might be my (crappy) speakers, but the kick needs a bit more ‘pop’. I also felt that you could brighten the overall sound a little bit.

Very well put together! :yeah:

Please post a mp3 of “Angry Olga”!

Do you mainly use soft synths now? Or do you still use hardware? You have a CSX6?

holy mother of all that is! this tune owns… that first take of made me wet my underwear a little.
great sound as always, it could need some slight mastering to soften it a bit in the lower mid-range (listening on pretty good monitors)… but man…


:walkman: :wacko: :walkman:

you’re absolutely right about the lower midrange / upper bass region issue. a lot of people even reported some kind of “jarring” whilst listening to it. to be honest, i wasn’t able to get around that phenomena with native renoise EQ’ing which i was restricted to within the compo rules. and that doesn’t even mean that it’s renoise’s EQ-fault ;)
so yea, the lower midrange does also sound pretty shitty on my adam’s here.

for everybody still interested, here’s the mp3 to angry olga. keep in mind that it totally sucks and was written out of pure boredom on a lazy afternoon.