Keith303 - Stuck In The Beehive (+video)

(synchro) #15

brilliant as always mr. 303

your demo (when i first opened Renoise to experiment for the first time) was a big factor in my decision to give it a try and ultimately purchase it and become hopelessly addicted to the world of trackers.

were there any plug-ins used? if not, did you have to manually program all of the glissando for the synth parts at around 7:50?

your rig? linux? win? os x? soundcard? external synths? sorry, just curious.

again, excellent as always. thank you for posting - keep on keepin’ on!

(keith303) #16

thanks for each and every comment. really glad you seem to enjoy it ! :)

i usually use a lot of softsynths / vst stuff, but as this tune was a contribution to a little monthly contest called “soundevotion competition”, no external effects and plugins were allowed to be used.
what you get is a couple of megabytes worth of samples (i.e. “samplepack”) and the allowance to use everything which is natively integrated in renoise.
what i love most about this is that such restrictions usually have a positive impact on my creativity and thanks to the deadline (you have to finish within 3-4 weeks) i actually finish a tune in a reasonable timeframe.

glad you could make some use of the demosongs bundled with renoise. if you could learn something from them, they absolutely achieved what they were made for, which is cool to hear :)

the glissando / note slides were done by simply spamming the effect column with the portamento to note command (aka “note glide” inside renoise). you can download the XRNS here and give it a go inside our favourite tracker yourself if you want.
i love the fact that the slides and portas sound way better now due to the higher resolution which was introduced by the LPB mode.

the specs of my rig are mentioned in my signature. the only external synths i own are the microkorg and an old & dusty yamaha cs1x, which is lying around somewhere out of duty.
but as mentioned before, this tune here is samples-only.

cheers :)

(Djeroek) #17

Dope track Keith, love how you work the internal effects. Could never find the patience myself for setting up chains like this :). grtz

(gentleclockdivider) #18

@ keith 303

os WinXP SP3
cpu Intel Core2Quad Q9550 @4,1Ghz
ram 2x 2GB DDR2-1066
audio EMU 1212M, ASIO 8ms
visuals 8800GTS 640MB

Hmmm don’t get it ,how can your cpu run at 4Ghz? …the q9550 runs at 2.83 Ghz …unless you overclocked it :P
The fastest cpu to date is the Core 2 Quad Extreme QX9775 running at 3.20GHz


NIce song btw

(keith303) #19

overclocked, yes:


(synchro) #20

thanks for all the info mr. 303

indeed your original renoise 2 demo files (along with the beatblaughter vs. tenda file and several others) taught me lots and lots of things about the inner workings of renoise by watching them play.

i am still in awe by how you and many others here can regularly turn just a few samples into such excellent music.

edit: i figured out the .xml thing - bantai helped me over in the xnrs development and tools forum. i almost figured it out on my own except i compressing one too many directories to make it work. anyway if others are curious, here’s the link to more info on turning raw song.xml and accompanying sampledata folders back into the .xrns format so that renoise can play them.

question about .xml (the format found at the link to soundevotion from your previous post) - i am running os x and can’t seem to figure out how to parse .xml from the sdcompos file back into .xrns

the file was probably saved into the .xml format for maximum compatibility for the users at the compos, right?

i am also running os x 10.4 (for maximum plug-in compatibility on my old G5) which doesn’t have PHP 5 inherent in the os and this makes it trickier to convert the .xml back into .xrns - any thoughts?

(keith303) #21

hey synchro… i have to admit i am not quite sure if i understood you right, but are you saying that if you download the file i linked above an xml file will pop up on your computer?
no matter what, the link does however point to a .zip file which, when unpacked, will uncover an .xrns file that is perfectly playable on any system renoise 2.0 is runnable on.

only reason for the confusion i can currently think of is that you might have .xrns files associated with a compression utility that will unpack the .xrns to .xml + a sampledata folder?

(cag) #22

yep, sdcompo is monthly.

keith, you already know I’ve listened to this and loved it. I can’t run the xrns though - too processor intensive for me. :(

(keith303) #23

crytek, would be cool if you’d join the fun !
sonicade (he’s running the compo) is currently on vacation, so it might take until he returns for the next round to start.
but usually it’s always 3 weeks of tracking followed by 1 week of voting and commenting, whereas voting (picking a top5) is mandatory to get validated for the final results.

cag, sorry to hear that you’re unable to run it… i have three PCs here to test it on and the slowest one is a two year old AMD dualcore with 2ghz which i purchased for 45 EUR back then… even when telling renoise to only utilize one core, the CPU load will not exceed 25%.

no chance for a hardware upgrade? apart from the unablility of playing this tune, i think you wouldn’t regret it in general.

(synchro) #24

for some reason on my system, something odd happened when i downloaded that particular file from that particular site.

at first, it looked okay and it was just an ordinary .zip archive like any other. but when i unzipped it, what i got was an extra folder with the name of the track. and inside that folder was a file called “song.xml” and a folder called “sampledata”.

usually, a download like this would just come out as a regular .xrns file on my machine.

oh well, at least i learned what to do if i encounter just those two elements of a renoise file and how to put them back together again so that renoise will play them. sorry for the confusion.

(Conner_Bw) #25

The video is really cool.

(dblue) #26

I was curious to check out the track so I downloaded the XRNS and jumped into Renoise, but when I tried to load the song, I encountered a strange problem. During the loading process, I can see Renoise’s status message reporting various things like it’s loading the instruments, samples, patterns, etc., but then it suddenly gets stuck on “Activating the new song…” and uses almost all my CPU power, causing Windows to become very sluggish and unresponsive. After waiting for a minute or two, I was forced to manually end-task Renoise.

Now, my system isn’t exactly amazing. I’m still using a laptop I bought in 2003, which has a 1Ghz Centrino M processor, with 1Gb of memory, running Windows XP Professionl SP3. It’s definitely not a powerful workstation, but it handles my daily tasks ok, and I can manage to do a bit of Renoisering if I don’t use too many VSTs. I’ve never had this kind of problem before with simply loading a song, even with some fairly large and complex songs. I might not be able to play them back in realtime, but at least they load and then I can render them.

So… I wonder what could be happening here? Is your track just too damn uber-l33t for my crappy little lappy? Maybe it’s a bug in Renoise?

PS: Here’s my log file:


(Conner_Bw) #27

It took me 4 minutes to open the song, then Renoise complains that it’s using too much CPU (and the song hasn’t even started yet).

Eventually I can play the song if I manually scrub past the first part.

In the YouTube video it says it’s at 6%… Me it’s constantly over 75%.

I think Keith is just rocking some pretty serious godlike CPU power, and he lost touch with what meere mortals use. :)

(dblue) #28

:o :blink: :huh:

I guess I just need to be waaaay more patient then. I’ve never known a song to take anything close to that amount of time to load, so to me it really seemed like Renoise had frozen or something.

Ah well.

(synchro) #29

it took 15 seconds to load on my old G5 (although it made the water cooled pump start and my CPU went up to 60% during the load)

it plays it perfectly and sounds just like the video.

i am learning many more things about renoise and tracking from this file.

thanks for allowing us to view your handy work mr. 303!


(xerxes) #30

seriously fantastic… how you do this is beyond me. love the tune, love the technique! amazing…
see you at breakpoint?


(MarvelousMarvin) #31

Awesome tune!
And that’s why I love renoise for sample work. I can’t imagine any other software, with which you could do so much cool stuff with samples so easily.

(Suva) #32

The song loaded and played fine on my crappy laptop. It was at high CPU usage, but nevertheless it works fine.

I have seen the problem of renoise getting stuck in “Activating the song” before, I think it is some sort of bug as it has happened to me couple of times with completely random songs.

(dblue) #33

Thank you for stating the painfully obvious :P

Yes, I definitely need to upgrade soon, haha. In fact I used to have a very powerful desktop machine, but a couple of years ago I moved countries yet again, and was simply too tired to handle the process of shipping all my belongings, so I got rid of almost everything. These days I am keeping things quite minimal, and this trusty old laptop has treated me very well over the years, it just can’t handle anything heavy, the poor old thing!

(danoise) #34

I like this track a lot too, so here’s my remix, enjoy!

Keith303 - stuck in the beehive (danoise lazy edit) (mp3, 320kbps)

Yes, I’m pretty lazy, so it’s more of an extended edit actually. It comes home at 14:15, much longer than the original. But then, he decided that he had to fit two songs in one :-))