keith303 - the right things (ft. mr. schmidt)

a co-op work in progress here.
stylistically pretty unusual for me, so i’d be interested in your thoughts towards this.

Really nice! It’s got that peaceful, “sentimental” feel to it, if that makes sense.

And the switching between 4/4 and 6/8 is pretty awesome.

Great job, I really liked it. I love the beat and didn’t expect it to change, which was really cool too. Great voice. B) I’m lyric-deaf, so I can’t comment on that part, but keep up the good work.

Very clean and I like the idea to change the rhythm.

Has a very Swedish-pop sound to it. I love the stereo arrangement, really makes it come alive.

Oh and MaxX, it stays in 4/4 the entire time, but just switches to a French dotted rhythm.

I like it. Nice balance between cool and warm sounds, and a very clean mix - as you’d expect from a k303 production.

My only gripe is the transition to the shuffled rhythm - the first time I think is a bit abrupt, I think the transition could be more smooth
Is this a work in progress? If so, I would personally try to downplay the shuffling element a bit, and complement with some other sound - perhaps a ride cymbal on the downbeat.
In general, I’d strive to make the overall sound change a little more in those parts - right now it’s basically still the same sounds being played slightly different…oh well.

thanks for voicing your impressions. glad most of you like the rhythm changes.
as the quality of the transcoded 128kbps version at soundcloud is really awful, you can d/l a 320kbps version here:

yes, it is work in progress, but i only had minor changes/additions in mind, like adding backing instruments that support the existant ones in some parts or adding subtle fx (vocal bits / some random speech / white noise / whatever) for gaining some depth and making it sound less clinical.
besides that i only heard it on my 7" monitors and my headphones so far - still have to evaluate the mix/master on my livingroom and car stereo that would expose potential flaws in that department.

apart from the ending, i regarded this song to be pretty much done when it comes to the actual arrangement (ie transitions). i’m not overly happy with the sustension from straight to shuffle parts as well, but thought (hoped) that it worked well enough after all.
funny thing is i actually had a cymbal ride on the downbeat during the early stages of the song, but as my guitar- and vocalist thought it would become too crowded (we both agreed on staying rather minimalistic in the first place) i removed it again.

nevertheless i’ll give it a try with some other rhythmical ingredient instead, just to see if i can achieve what you seem to be aiming for and how it will turn out for my ears.
thanks for your detailed feedback.

Haha, wow. It was my first thought: how would a pop/jazz-influenced drummer approach this.
But even though a ride cymbal on the downbeat is a classic way to emphasize/simplify the beat, luckily this can be achieved in many ways :slight_smile: