Keith303's Thumbworker Remix

The remix is done under keith303’s permission. I’ve messed it up in order to fit it to the dancefloor. ;)

TiS link

I don’t really understand why this is a remix. The only difference is that you added ALOT of ethnic drums… it does gives it a nice touch though.

I like the original better, only because it fits my preferences more.

@Void Pointer: I’m happy that my intentional slight and hidden modifications in order not to ruin the glory of the original track has been successful due to your ignoring them!

Along side the ethnic perc haven’t you really sensed the big change in the main rhythm? the fx? the change in distortion? the varying side-chain-like effect at the beginning and the end, mastering,… etc.

As I’ve mentioned in the song description I just wanted the masterpiece to fit the dancefloor, not to mess it up, because it’s originally perfect.

I have to admit I listened to it a while back, so I couldn’t remember it to the detail. The thing I did remember was you used the original as a whole and added new layers onto it… I prefer seeing remixes using certain elements of the track, rather then the whole track itself. Ofcourse this is just my humble opinion…

I’m at work now but when I get home I will re-listen :)

save link as…???

the problem is that too many renoisers promote their trax on pages where you have to sign up for downloading or you are only able to stream mp3. im sorry but i dont have time/interest to sign up…



I understand you completely :) but as I said earlier the goal was to modify the song in order to fit the dancefloor (more) without messing it up, the original arrangement is ace. In the other hand I wasn’t allowed to use the source (xrns), so the chopping and stuff was a little hard, I just used the mp3 version.


Remixing classics is always a risky business. And this track unfortunately is one. I have to agree that the original is better. Although the song is probably better danceable cause of added rhythms, although they also kill a lot of the original track energy and structural atmosphere.

After the critics I was expecting something not as nice as this.

When you buy a single isn’t there often different but very similar versions of a song called remixes?

As far as I can remember this builds up better for a dancefloor than the original, I think the new layers blends nice with the original.
My only complaint is that the song ends without a warning and could have built up even more in the end.

I like both versions of the song just as much.

I’m myself with you on this. And of course my intention was not to make a keith’s tune better! Just to modify it for the middle-eastern dancefloors. Happily keith himself named it a “nice experience”.

Totally it is a very hard thing to remix a keith’s track and turn it to a better one!

The ending section is that of the original track, but doubled in time, with heavier side-chaining [simulation], to more effectively express the added percussions. I haven’t changed how it ends, but I’m with you: It could end better.

Who cares about the ending anyway. Nobody in dance hall will hear it anyway as next tracks kicks on before it ends. :P

I had to give the thumbworker remix a listen after all this talk. And I like it, it’s exactly what you aimed for, a more straightforward version. Nice!

Actually you’re right! :D

@danoise: Thanks. :)

“hard thing” is underrated. Its almost impossible in keith’s case.

Yes, “almost impossible” is a better expression.