Kenny Beltrey: Ffwd

Bonjour to the Renoise-family,

A fresh Renoise-tweak from my side. Looking ffwd to your words.

This has a very fun and light-hearted groove. Really phat stuff as usual! Good work :)

andreas! :)

i already had the pleasure to get to know an earlier version of this tune, but the final product really lives up to what somebody expects when pressing play on a title starting with k.beltrey/snoox in front of it.

fresh, uplifting, dynamic, detached - like an breeze of freshness coming out of your stereo. i can also hear you drastically improved the mix/mastering.
splendid effort this!

btw, already got hold of your new hardware?

This is great, simply great! Listening again right now.

Welcome back mr Beltrey , once again back with a blast!! retaliate that!! ;)

Keep up the good work , i love it!


yikes, this got me nostalgic. nice.

@dblue: any luck with the .RNS file ?

@keith303: i’ll place my order for the new HW as soon as it’s released (2 weeks or so) - looking forward to using all my beloved VSTis again. This way there’ll be a good chance not to bother you with too alike sounding stuff anymore :wink:

@kaneel: yo man! how’s it hanging old chap? it’s been ages…

@arithmoquine: besides your cool handle, your taste seems alright to me as well :wink:

@nebula: thanks for faithfully listening to my stuff!

@ogge a: nostalgic in terms of antiquated? i hope not :wink:

@kaneel: hey big fella, well i haven’t logged onto any irc-channel in 4 or 5 years. i’ve been happy with all the other irc/skype/renoise-forum -shite anyway… but please say “hi” for me to all the redhead-ladies on your channel will ya :wink:

Nice track, with some great synthy/trancey melodies - something I can appreciate although am veering away from in my tunes at the moment. Well worth the listen - fresh!

Nice track, lot’s of melody variations and steady groove. Liked it!

Top notch! 10 out of 10…

This really should be in a movie/TV series…

“Yo, gimme somethin’ ta dance to!”

Fun stuff here. :) The melodies are a little sparse but they’re serviceable. The beat is good too, though it could’ve used more variation. Actually, much of the song suffers from a repetitive nature, and that holds it back a lot. But this sounds very clean, and it really GROOVES. It’s 6:01, but it doesn’t quite feel that long. Trimming this back a bit might be in order, since that would cut down on how much of a liability the repetition is.

Overall, a fun tune… and as long as a song sounds fun, a lot of problems can often be forgiven. :) 8/10.