key combination for enable / disable midi ?


Is there a key combination to enable / disable midi input ?

Or alternatively how to enable / disable midi input with couple of mouse clicks ?

Why do you need this? Does midi input work for you, did it stop working all of a sudden and you want to turn it back on?

I use FL Studio aswell and if I play it with midi, midi in Renoise needs to be unabled otherwise both programs make sounds when I play.

In FL Studio it’s fast to turn off midi but I need it to be turned off in Renoise when I want to play FL Studio.

I usually solve that this way:
DAW 1 is having control over my midi device:
add a midi route through track, output to a virtual midi cable 1, receive virtual midi cable 1 in Renoise.
Select midi track in DAW 1 and simply use my midi device and have the midi date routed right through.

Renoise is having control over my midi device:
Add an instrument outputting to virtual midi cable 1. Select virtual midi cable 1 as input device in DAW 1, select the specific instrument in Renoise and play.
Midi data is now routed to DAW 1.

Perhaps not control heaven either, but this system can work with one click.