Key combo to shift notes up or down


I once knew how to shift notes in a pattern up and down with some key combination, but I seem to have forgotten it…

What was the combination? Am overlooking it in the manual, weirdly enough.



alt/shift/ctrl (block/track/pattern)

  • f1/f2 (semitone up/dn)

  • f11/f12 (octave up/dn)

Hmm, that’s not what I mean. I can do that.

See the animation I made, I want to shift the notes up/down ( not the pitch ).

I can use the mouse, but I can remember there was also a key combo for this action.

Just use insert-key and delete-key above the notes in edit mode. Cycling/Rotating the pattern is not possible without a tool:

Ahhh, thanks that’s it!

And the pattern rotate tool was what I used back then, installed immediately.


There is a tool, com.renoise.nudge, that allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts for moving selected notes up or down in the pattern editor. I cannot figure where it came from.

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James, would you share the tool, i cannot find it anywhere