Key Map And Skin


I want to know if already made skins (color settings) are existing for renoise.
I come from IT and modplug tracker and i want to know if there are special key map files reproducing the it or mptracker ones

thank you

You can load colour ‘themes’ in at diskop. They should be located in a directory within your renoise directory. Lots of colour schemes and things, I believe you can vote for your favourite in the general discussion area.

Thank you for your answer.
I’ve understood how to load skins, but i don’t know where to find them.
i’ve been on the general discussion area and seen that people where talking about .xml files but i did’nt find them ?

ok sorry i’ve found them.
I was looking into skin directory instead of themes :rolleyes:

my apologizes

so…and what about key maps ?

I don’t think there is a way of mapping keys at the moment. It’s a good idea though. I maybe wrong as I was used to ft2 so it was all quite similar for me and never needed to change that sort of thing.

Yes there is! Look in the config in Renoise… :o However I don’t think there are any other keymaps than the default, at least not distributed with Renoise. There has been lots of discussion about IT keymaps, but I’m not sure anyone actually did one.

I’d die for an IT keymap. Do it! Do it! Do IT!

Why is everyone asking for IT keymaps but noone willing to do one themselves…?!? :unsure: :rolleyes:

Eheh… I’d love a keymap for Impulse Tracker as well.

I’ve just finished building a new computer for my studio. I have been tracking since 1987 en managed to keep using Impulse Tracker until now.

I have a lot of different synths which worked pretty good with Impulse, but still, I needed to break from the DOS box.

So now I’m checking out Renoise, which looks really promising. I got my TB-303 running in sync and even managed to get some beeps from my other synths. But the keyboard mapping is very hard to get to grips with after so many years of Impulse.

So, has anyone else made such a map? I’d give it a whirl myself, but the interface for doing so is confusing. I’m at the very beginning of the learning curb, so to speak. :wink:

I might try editing the .xml file directly, but even that looks a bit daunting.

There is a IT keymap around somewhere if i am not mistaken. Ask Taktik, i think he posted it in a thread somewhere. It will also be included in next release. Dont shoot me if i am wrong…

both I.T. keymap and theme are here.

and yes: they will be added in the next version

I’ve checked out the Impulse keyboard lay-out, but as someone noted in a different thread it’s best to memorize the Renoise lay-out for reasons of compatibilty.

So I’ve switched back to the factory defaults and printed out the list of keyboard shortcuts. I’ll be studying them earnestly B) and in doing so already found some of the advantages of Renoise in muting channels.

However, some keys are named confusingly (at least for me) so could someone tell me what the “Apps” key is?

“Pause Continue: LShift + Apps”

And what’s the prior key? Backspace? Left arrow?

Jump One Page Up: LControl + Prior"

And finally:

“Toggle Key Jazz: Grave”

I’m using an international 101 keyboard, but I bet the above keys are on there, I just know them under a different name. :)


the apps key is the third into this picture of my keyboard :)

prior/next keys are the last column on the right of this image:

“grave” is be the one on the left of “1”

and yes… I should definately clean my keyboard up :lol:

Thanks man! This is a big help! :D

I have never, ever used that “apps” key (thank god i have a keyboard with that key at all!) so it’s not suprising that i didn’t know which one it was. :)