Key Mappings Also Bindable To Midi

Why not to make a midi-column in shortcut-editor to use midi-events for shortcuts. And also a shortcut for disabling and enabling them, also midi-bindable. This way it would be possible to map transport into keyboard keys without playing instruments at same time, for example.


Now that’s a cool idea!

+1 for double/multi functionality of computer keyboard. Maybe this should come with some extra visual clues then just an extra midi column in the shortcut editor ‘hidden’ in the preferences.

The instrument editor has a large keyboard display, + lots of empty space on my monitor resolution setting. Imo this would make an ideal spot for showing what keys are binded to what.

+1 control Renoise from external midi devices !

this would be great :dribble:

great idea!

I’m kinda happy I bumped this… a link to show all threads with no replies would really rule, is that possible with invision??

Not gonna happen?

It is already happening. See the duplex script as example material.