Key Tracker (Instrument FX DSP) vs. Note-Off Layer

looks like Key Tracker, when assigned to monitor Input of a sample on the Note-Off layer, doesn’t see/read the key values - i was assuming it would register the key/note/value for a sample in the Note-Off layer (when it’s triggered) if input was constrained to that sample.

  1. make new blank instrument
  2. [Create] a new blank waveform in it
  3. duplicate that waveform and assign the duplicate to Note-Off Layer
  4. goto instrument FX tab, add Key Tracker DSP - hit notes between C-3 … C-6 and see the little VU meter register the keyboard input
  5. change ‘Input’ sample from Any to 00 (Note-On Layer) - repeat keystrokes, see it still work
  6. change ‘Input’ sample from 00 to 01 (the one assigned to Note-Off) - do keystrokes, see nothing register.

so, wondering if this is Working As Designed or not?