Key Tracker Reset Hydra To LFO To Hydra

Using the key tracker to reset an LFO works great, but what if you want to reset many LFO’s/Devices at once? It is messy to have a ton of key trackers just to do this.

What if you want one key tracker to reset multiple LFO’s/Devices? And what if you wanted one of those reset LFOs to control many devices? This device chain does all that.

fixed with better method from zen

KeyReset Envelope To Hydra.xrnt (18.2 KB)


This is smart! I was dissapointed when I first started trying to do:
[key-tracker] → [hydra] → [multiple LFO resets]
but it was not working the same as:
[key-tracker] → [single LFO reset]
…if that makes any sense? Point being, this is a great solution!

Thanks for sharing!

Actually, this is kind of on topic for another question I have:
is there any way to get a “control signal” to “output” from a Doofer?
i.e. you can’t assign LFOs or Hydras that are contained in a doofer to any parameters outside of that doofer as far as I can tell. Is that a truly hard and fast rule, or is there some kind of work around?

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no that is why i saved this an effects chain and not a doofer

glad you appreciate it!

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yes it was a revelation when I realized that the random lfo could be used as a momentary hydra reset trigger :exploding_head:

honestly a lot of my renoise based sound design relies heavily on this technique for creating per-note fx modulation

I wish we could get control signals out of doofers. I just drop my fx into the LFO bank doofer I have saved as a preset. Works for me.

What I really wish for is internal fx chain routing within a doofer using sends, etc… that would REALLY open things up in terms of what we could accomplish with native dsp… Parallel compressors, parallel distortion units, multiband you-name-it… please consider this @taktik, it would make renoise so much more powerful

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