Key Tracker to Repeater

Ok, my goal is to live trigger the Repeater FX using the key tracker.

I’ve linked the KT to the division parameter bit nothing happens when I hit the keys in the range that I’ve assigned.

Am I doing something wrong or perhaps I’m missing a step?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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You may need to set up a trigger for the repeater’s mode function as well. Toggling between even and off (presumably)… Should be doable by setting the range on a second key tracker, though I haven’t tried it. It’s an interesting idea, triggering it by keypress.

For live repeats, I usually just midi map the repeat values I want to some midi controller buttons. Be mindful of the hold button…

Have you tried setting the scale and range parameters?

Apologies if the following is obvious. The range parameters help select a range in the keyboard that the key tracking will take effect. A range of C-1 to C-3 means that key tracking will happen between these notes. The range drop down allows to select how this range is going to behave. With clamp, anything outside the range will trigger the minimum and maximum value in the range, so for C-1 to C-3, D-3 will continue to trigger the value of C-3, and a C-0 will continue to trigger the value of C-1. With a soft range, notes outside the range will ignore the key tracking setting, and an octave range will repeat the range at every octave (C1 to C3, then C4 to C6, etc.)

With that in mind, there is some level of planning and configuration that needs to be thought out to get the best results. For example, a short range of C1 to D1 will make for drastic steps in values, where C1 will be the minimum, D1 the maximum, and C#1 will be right in the middle, so 3 steps for a 3 note range. With a range of C1 to B1, there will be 12 steps for a 12 note range instead, so the range of values is finer and more sensible.


2 options I’ve found:
repeater_demo.xrns (617.5 KB)


Keytracker is a very handy and useful tool. looking at this example, the thought came to me that it would be cool to have a multi keytracker that could control different parameters being divided into several octaves.

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You could make a doofer preset that does just that :upside_down_face:


its a good idea!

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