Keybindings Esp Block Looping


Trying to pick up as many keyboard shortcuts as possible and writing up a cheat sheet along the way. Questions:

  1. Which keyboard shortcuts will manipulate the block loop stuff (pattern editor)? I imagine something like “loop first 1/4”, “loop first 16 rows”, “enable/disable block loop”, etc…

  2. Is there an overview (cheat sheet) of ALL keyboard combos available?

  1. the only two available shortcuts for block operations are:

NumPad enter: enable/disable block loop
NumPad = : enable/disable pattern loop

in general, to know if a button is associated with a shortcut, lay the mouse over the button for a second; a tooltip witht eh shortcut will appear

  1. there is a “Print” button on the upper right corner of Edit => Preferences => Keys dialog

Next/previous LoopBlock is Ctrl+Numpad +/-

BTW what is “numpad =” anyway? I have never seen that key on any keyboard.

In your case probably “enter”, but some numpads put the “=” sign there instead.

So you are claiming that block loop and pattern loop are bound to same key?


It’s definitely worth the trouble to rebind the hotkeys to something useful. The example of the pattern loop is one; the default is not on my keyboard and I needed it so I rebound it. Another critical feature is add line to/subtract line from the pattern, which don’t even have default hotkeys (wtf?).

It’s nice that you can rebind these things to whatever you want.

I knew it supposed to be somewhere…!

however, in the Numpad design showd by Johann (the standard in Italian keyboards), the “/” key is recognized as “NumPad /” by Renoise, so “NumPad =” it’s actually a non-existent key for these keyboards.

Is there a marker function in the pattern editor? As in PLAY FROM MARKER?

So say I want renoise to play from row 18 everytime I hit Enter, it will do this? (Set marker / play from marker?)

Apparently it’s present on macs:…-keyboard-1.jpg

But no PC’s have this key. I wonder what happens if I connect mac keyboard to my PC?


Very helpful, thanks

Ah, didn’t notice that, I have a pretty good overview now, thanks!