Keybindings FineTuning

Make following keybindings default in renoise

Alt - F11 - Tranpose block down by 1 octave
Alt - F21 - Tranpose block up by 1 octave
Ctrl - F11 - Transpose pattern down by 1 octave
Ctrl - F12 - Transpose pattern up by 1 octave
Shift - F11 - Transpose track down by 1 octave
Shift - F12 - Transpose track up by 1 octave
Ctrl - Shift - F11 - Transpose column down by 1 octave
Ctrl - Shift - F12 - Transpose column up by 1 octave

These are really-really-really useful bindings and they make sense. I am not the only one who has to reconfigure them every time they upgrade a version. :)

I also like to have a shortcut for these operations, but to which keys assign them is quite personal and, since these operations were not available in past trackers, it’s not “obvious” to simply place them somewhere.

anyway, your solution still looks better than mine: I added a “SHIFT” to the normal semitone shortcuts, but of couse these idea leaves the “transpose track” operations out of the business.

Yeah, it’s the same as the F1 and F2 bindings just +10. Comfortable and very intuitive. It’s not my original idea, lot of renoise users seem to use those bindings. If one doesn’t like them, they can always rebind, but this is really reasonable solution to make these default.

And let’s forget about past trackers, renoise is The tracker right now, and if anything other trackers should learn from us.

Apparently more options have to be taken from the previous configuration file except the VST paths and MIDI configurations and a seemingly selection of keybindings…

How many versions of Renoise do reside on your system?
What would happen if you would rename all the older versions by adding an underscore in front of their name in the Application Data folder?

being able to keybind expand + shrink selection (from advanced editor options) would be very nice.-

oh, indeed I forgot to mention that I don’t have to reconfigure keybindings when I install a new version, even on Linux, as there are separate .renoise subfolders for each version, and the copy of the previous version shorcuts happens automatically. If this does not work for you, you can still copy keybidings.xml by yourself

by the way, I have set these shortcuts they way Suva showed. I find them much comfortable

Yes, makes definitely sense. Done for the next 2.1 release…

I don’t have F21 :(

buy Renoise Keyboard! also features the special NumPad F21 key.


Yeah, it has also numpad = :lol:

another one?

pause = panic