Keyboard assignment

I found a cool feature by mistake… Do you have one of those keyboards with lots of extra buttons for volume up/down, play, stop etc etc? They can all be mapped in the config in the 1.2 beta!! Maybe you actually have some use for those pointless buttons now… :)

ver nice hint dude! actually we should have mentioned it. since direct-x supports many extra-keys, all should be assignable in renoise (at last those defined in the dx-api)

VERY COOL !! :D :yeah:

definitely cool. Im going to buy a lot-of-buttons-keyboard now!

Hey you!

Well to be honest i’m not much of a pro when it comes to music-gear, but the keyboard i’m drooling over at the moment, and going to buy as soon as the store gets some more of them in, is this lil beauty

Click this for a sweet keyboard

It has enough knobs to have you twitchin and turnin all through the night
(no it aint gonna give you nightmares) :blink:




this thing looks sickest:

Novation’s ReMote 25

if you can put up with a 2 octive keyboard that is.

even tho i enjoy a full keyboard (sometimes my melodies jump around quite a bit), i don’t have a ton of space … 8 fully rotary knobs, 8 regular knobs, 8 sliders, a pad … a joystick. holy crap.

p.s. i had a mk-249 for a while but traded it for a er-1 … i wasn’t terribly impressed with it. if i was going for a fullsized keyboard these days i’d for for something by edirol … PCR 30 looks perfect 2 me :wink:

Bought that evolution last week, and I´m happy :) Though I don´t have much experience with keyboards either…

But you can also buy this one!

If you want a cool controller keyboard…

Picture here