Keyboard Expression

Hey, I have one big problem. My Midi-Keyboard sends to low signals even if I disable the keyboard expression completely. Is there a (hidden) possibility to adjust the midi-in-expression?

Completely disabling Keyboard expression (velocity) is an option but for realistic pianos etc. it would be good if I can keep it on…

I have experienced this myself. It’s pretty annoying… :unsure:

hmm, usually there should be 3 settings in the hardware for the amount of the curve… Something like, hard, normal and soft. Not sure about the midi controllers though - but I think they should have this too (it would be strange if they did not since all synths have these settings).

Anyhow, I think you could try to overcome this by using s third party software that converts the messages if nothing else helps.

those 3 settings do exist but even if I set it to “soft” or “off” the incoming velocity is too small.

What midi-keyboard do you use?

I’ve got a Novation XioSynth 25 and got the same problem. Earlier I had a M-audio Oxygen 8 but I never experienced any volume problems with that one


Use the force!

Rly this coud be easened if we someday see velocity sensitive instrument envelopes to control the amount of velocity modulation of the amplitude.

Currently no there is not way around this. Try to set it up in your synth or so too to suit your touch.