Keyboard Focus get stuck

I’m using only Focus Next View and Focus Previous View (I find it more useful than to map a unique key for every view for my workflow).

However, once the keyboard focus get to the window of Plug-In effects, it remains there. More specifically, it jumps between the box and the search field. You have to mouse-click in another view to reset.

Is this a bug, or what am I doing wrong?

I’m using Renoise 3.1.1 with Win 7 right now and can’t replicate the problem. However I remember coming across the exact same problem possibly some years ago using a different computer. I’ve been using OSX with Renoise in the past and it might have happened there. Right now using TAB-key moves between the box and the search field but the keys I’ve assigned for the Focus next(Numpad Del)/previous(Numpad Ins), doesn’t get stuck.

Which OS are you having the problem with and which keys do you have assigned for the Focus next and previous?

As I understand, Renoise assigns specific keyboard commands to specific areas or frames, and plugins windows are included here as well.

For example, if you select the pattern editor, specific keyboard commands work, if you select the instrument box, they are other keyboard commands. If you select the Pattern Sequence Matrix, other keyboard commands work. If you select the instrument editor, other keyboard commands work, and so on.

If you select a floating tool window, it can have its own keyboard commands (it must be programmed).

If you select a floating VSTi plugin window, it will have its keyboard commands.

In summary, you have to be aware of what area you are working on to use the keyboard commands. Remember that Renoise is a beast related to the keyboard commands. It is one of the most complete DAWs in this regard.

I believe that there is no single command to jump between all the areas and all the windows. You must combine some keyboard commands with the mouse click to select that tab or window that you want to control.

Thanks guys,

Correctly, I had assigned Tab (Next) and Shift-Tab (Previous) for these… Changing to other keys solved the problem. :slight_smile:

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