Keyboard Only Tips


just wondering if anyone has tips for this workflow?

I’m trying to adjust effect parameters without using mouse…for example comp threshold settings

Basically id appreciate any info regarding not using mouse at all


I found printing out the keys (mappings) helpful.

Preferences -> Keys -> Print

for me complete mouse free is not really achievable, as much as id love it

sequencing is entirely doable, but editing instruments it becomes a bit of a stretch (figuratively and for the fingers)

i wrote a script that allowed me to add a keybind to instrument volumes, you could do a similar thing for a lot of features but i dont know if there are even enough usable key combos to cover everything

you might be interested in something like Airmanns Faderport tool, which auto assigns a LOT of functions to a focusrite Faderport, removing the mouse from the equation. you’ll need the hardware though :wink: