Keyboard Shortcut For Moving A Note Left/Right Option

I don’t know if there is an option (I can’t find one so I assume there is not) but what would be really nice is say you input a bunch of notes on one track manually, and you wanted to move them somewhere else…

The way I know you have to select each one with the mouse, then drag it over…

This theoretical way you just use a predefined shortcut key that moves the note selected on the grid from one note column to the next note column or back respectively…

It would make it easy to do just a whole sequence with the keyboard in one track in one go without having to think about it, then you can just go back through and move the notes around manually even with step skipping and so on.

Select then CTRL-x and then ctrl+v anywhere (Checking the “Mix-paste” checkbox in the advanced edit cut/copy/paste section if you have to for not overwriting any existing content in the target area)

That takes even more time than just selecting it with the mouse and moving it around. :)

Perhaps, but if you drop it on the wrong spot, then ctrl+z is closer than when you would have to reorientate yourself back to the keyboard.
Select and drag is not for me.
I even use the shortcuts to select. (ctrl + b, F9 to F10 to quick navigate and then ctrl+e to mark end of selection)
Goes 10.000 times faster for me than using the mouse.

I mean, for triggering samples it’s cool…

But say you’re doing an arpeggio with a complex chord sequence, and you kind of want it in a random sort of fashion with diff octaves and stuff, you can just play it out on one column so…


or whatever (especially useful for super long patterns) since the keys aren’t assigned, you could hit ctl+alt or apple ctl then u/d/r/l and just go up and down through the column and move the notes around…

It’s also useful if something quantizes wrong a bunch of times and you don’t want to re-play it. You can do it very quickly using something like that. The other stuff is good for large chunks of data, but for editing note to note especially in long patterns that change would be super time consuming. Notes every two steps on a 512 step pattern would mean you would have to hit control b, control x, and control v plus the arrow keys 256 times each, or 512 mouse clicks.

This is a two key stroke operation, you could even have it set to the editstep function so it returns to the next note on the pattern you’re working on, sort of similar to the chords feature.