Keyboard Shortcut For Renaming A Track?

This must be simple, but I just can’t find any sign of it in the manual or the keyboard shortcut list (or even as an option to customize a keyboard shortcut for).

Am I missing something obvious?

You can’t find it because there isn’t any.
The least important features and options don’t have a default shortcut, if they get a configurable shortcut entry at all which is not in this case.

Thanks for the reply!

I’d like to try my luck and ask for it as a feature request please :) I love the quick renoise workflow of navigating round the pattern editor using keyboard only and it would be great to be able to quickly name the tracks without going searching for the mouse. Thanks again!

Then so shall it be :)

Would be a good shortcut addition

I’ve been always thinking why there is no shortcut for renaming a track… So why?

Well, it’s not the kind of action you will perform 120 times per track, is it? I mean, once you’ve renamed your track, you’re done.

So if there was a shortage of shortcuts (and a shortage of brainspace to memorize all those shortcuts :P) I’d be perfectly happy with a first double-click and TAB key to move from track name to track name.

Now, I’m not against the idea of that shortcut per se, if it can make people happy :)

Well, there is also lacking a shortcut that allows me to whipe my ass after i took a shit. I don’t think that one ever deserves an implementation either.
I guess i still have to do the dirty work manually myself.

@vV: funny how you first welcome the idea of a feature request for that shortcut and then sort of wipe your ass with that very same shortcut…

(I’m not defending the addition of that shortcut. As I stated above, I wouldn’t even try to memorize it. It’s just the shift in both your tone and your attitude that puzzles me)

That was indeed meanted as a fun remark, no real pun intended.
There have been done suggestions that are far less interesting than this one. (Like the suggestion to toggle off the upper vu-meter, which has been granted by the way :D) But i guess those kind of suggestions come out of boredom from the user i suppose.