Keyboard Shortcut To Open/Close Script Terminal & Editor

I’m enjoying the script terminal and editor.

Is there a way to open/close the terminal and editor using the keyboard (instead of opening the tools menu to open / pressing the X button to close)? Also, is there a way to maximize the script terminal and editor without manually dragging the window boundary?

I don’t believe so.

You can double-click the title bar of the window to maximise it.

Agree it would be nice to have a short-cut.

The terminal window has to be explicitely made available through setting a hidden parameter in the Renoise prefs file or by supplying a startup parameter. I think the shortcut was left out on purpose as it would probably make these explicit parameters obsolete. (there would then always be a way to open the terminal even when developer mode was not explicitely enabled and perhaps that might cause confusing problems such as scripts that don’t save nor execute.)

Could we not have:

If developer_mode then
short_cut = true

Only mr. T can tell…

Yes, something like this would be nice. I switch back and forth a lot.

Would also be useful to have “run current line”, “run selection” shortcut from the editor (I use cutting and pasting to do this atm, which is a little less efficient), but that’s not a huge deal.

BTW, the scripting API is a joy to use. I haven’t had quite this much fun since my keykit+sync modular hacking days.

[CMD + `] switches between Renoise and the Script Editor.

Replace CMD with CTRL on Windows?

This shortcut is user definable in your shortcuts list. Look for “Move focus to next window”

Excellent. Thank you so much Conner_Bw!