Keyboard Shortcuts Mapped To Midi

I admit !! I am guilty of spamming the beloved renoise discussion with ideas and suggestions!

But this one popped up while reading some old posts of mine, and it just seemed to good an idea to leave it out of discussion!

Inside the Config/Keyboard-Mouse panel, there is room for some extra GUI elements. So if I ever wanted to have the “play block mode” assigned to a MIDI controller, there could be a “assign to MIDI controller” button. And since so many of the commands in Renoise are mapped to keyboard shortcuts this would be a very powerful feature indeed!!

On a sidenote: I find it a bit annoying that some keyboard shortcuts are disabled when entering certain screens (e.g. the instrument editor). Try playing a song, enter the inst.editor (F1), and use CTRL+arrows for changing pattern index and sequencer position. Nothing happens, even though the instrument editor does not use any of these keys. Strange, considering that play/stop song is working fine. And I guess it could affect the MIDI “shortcut” that I suggest as well…

Looking for feedback on this one!


Many are with you on the MIDI -CC aasignments of keyboard shortcuts.
As for having trouble with loosing global shortcuts in Renoise, just prepare yourself that the next edition will have even less global shortcuts. This in favor of having more local shortcuts and shortcuts for areas whereas they could not be programmed there, due to the mapped reservations of existing globals.

I never tried it, but Midi Translator can translate midi messages to keystrokes.

The last time i tried Bome’s edition, it didn’t worked well (actually it didn’t worked at all without MIDI Yoke and with MIDI Yoke the signals were not really interpreted correctly). I will make a new attempt with NE and his latest version.

Ok, so the sensible thing would be for MIDI shortcuts to work on a global scale while keyboard shortcuts work on a local scale ? IMHO that makes my suggestion even more relevant. And it warms my heart to see that I’m not alone on this one :wink:
Still, I think the developers need to consider how much there is to benefit from such a feature (but from a musician’s perspective, it really would kick a$$ to use have it !!).

Hi sonus! I would have to check that one out! Do you know if it is working with a mac, or “PC-only” (well, macs are PC’s now aren’t they:-).

Ohh…I feel like starting a thread about how much graphical user interfaces such compared to hardware…

making music all night long;-)

The Midi Translator doesn’t work with Renoise… it even says so in the MT forum under known bugs:

This might be from my report to the author of the tool a while back, i don’t know what date this answer has been posted.

I think I suggested a similar thing a while back, or maybe just fantasized about it… Then I heared of Midi Translator and thought I’d check it out. But haven’t got a chance to yet… well now I know it’s no good, thanks for saving me the work!

Still didn’t tested the latest edition yet.Anyone who tested this one with 1.8 yet?