Keyboard stops working

Strange problem. I recently upgraded my system to win11. In 99% time it works perfect, but I have this problem twice: after I quit Renoise and open it again, computer keyboard not working at all. The same keyboard works in every other program in my system, but not in Renoise.

Has anyone had such a problem? After system restart - everything works perfect.
It’s very rare (so far twice and I have win11 from about 2 months) and I don’t really know why it happens.

Anyone? If it’s just me then I’ll close this thread.
It’s strange that it affects only Renoise.

It’s not resolved yet, right?
I too have a similar problem.

I found this topic when I was trying to create a new topic.
Below is the text I prepared.

A problem I’ve been having recently is that when I use Renoise 3.4.2 (3.4.3) after starting and stopping various Windows 10 apps (32bit and 64bit), the PC keyboard becomes completely unresponsive for some reason. Literally all PC keyboard operations are not possible. You can start playback with a mouse, but you always need a PC keyboard to input patterns, which is a big problem. Does anyone have similar phenomenon?

An example of an app I often use (except Renoise):
Firefox / 1by1 / Multi Commander / Notepad++ / Flow Launcher / FL Studio / Waveform / Bitwig Studio / MuLab / VLC / Soundop / RetroArch / PSO2NGS / PT2Clone / FT2Clone / MilkyTracker / XnView MP / Krita / etc…

Of course, restarting the PC will fix it. I can understand if it’s interference with MIDI or audio, but why is it limited to PC keyboard input problem?

Unsolved. As you see - nobody answers.

Never seen this happen; anything in the log file or syslog or event viewer?

Today, I had a similar problem where I couldn’t move the cursor on my PC keyboard. Then I noticed something strange. The point is that I can enter characters in Song Comments fields only. This does not mean that the PC keyboard will totally no longer be recognized by Renoise, but it does mean that the PC keyboard will no longer be usable for a wide range of purposes, such as sequence editing and playing sound sources with the PC keyboard. Is there really no anyone who has encountered this same phenomenon except me and XTD?

the only trouble I sometimes have with my keyboard in Renoise, is that sometimes when I start it, there’s a huge lag, and the keyboard inside Renoise is colored two keys white, two keys pink, two keys white, two keys pink etc. Fixes when I restart Renoise

Ah I just found the reason. When I quit QuickLook (GitHub - QL-Win/QuickLook: Bring macOS “Quick Look” feature to Windows), Renoise keyboard is working. @XTD , Are you using QuickLook or something like resident app on Windows?

No, not really.

If you can use the keyboard without any problems with other apps, there must be an app running in the background that is interfering with the Renoise keyboard. Can you enter text in “Song > Song Comments…”?

I’ll let you know next time it happens.

oh, it seems like your symptoms are basically different from mine.
also see “C:\Users(name)\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V3.4.3\Log.txt”.

Oh my goodness… For some reason, my Renoise keyboard stopped responding again even though I wasn’t using QuickLook. However, as mentioned above, I can enter text in Song Comments. It’s easy to fix it by restarting the OS, but is there something fundamentally wrong… Looking at Log.txt, there is no particularly suspicious behavior. Install a keylogger just to solve this problem? Sigh…

For example, it is possible to select the VPS Avenger preset using the PC keyboard on Reaper, but the PC keyboard was similarly unresponsive on Renoise Redux.

Havent encountered this issue so far.

Just wondering if it might be related to a LUA tool possible rebinding key events.
Were you perhaps using a tool just prior to the issue occurring?

Could possibly also occur when raising a VST toplevel window, somewhat expect
the ‘renoise main thread to recheck bindings’ when a tool/plugin is

Would be nice if more tool actions were logged; or if logging level could be raised.