Keyboard variety in pattern editor

Hello everyone,
When I am not using the keyboard ( real one ;), thus only composing from the pc key board , it would be verry handy to see the chord / notes played .
So maybe there’s some place in the spectrum analyzer/scope view to show the keyboard

Version 4 of the Piano Roll Editor tool includes a virtual piano that shows the notes written on the selected line, following a predefined 12-color code for each note column. This works for any peripheral, be it MIDI keyboard / pad, USB alphanumeric keyboard or even the mouse (the piano also allows you to enter notes with the mouse directly in the pattern editor).

This new version is about to leave. It’s a tool, it’s not Renoise. But it helps a lot to show the tone of the notes used. It even brings a powerful function to sort the notes in all the note columns…

You can see the information here: New tool (3.1.1): Piano Roll Editor v3.0 build 136 (February 2019)

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