Something I really miss in renoise 1.5 (registered version): The abillity to switch of KeyJazz when live recording.

Why would I use this?

For example: When I want to record a bassline (via midi or keyboard) I do this live and it has to be mono. I set the pattern to loop, start recording and play the bassline. When the pattern loops I keep on recording and overwrite those notes I don’t like. With KeyJazz on I can’t overwrite those notes because the the track becomes polyphonic.

Hope someone understands this :)

Best regards.

This was issued long time ago… and multiple times……dcb399f96d56c99…dcb399f96d56c99…dcb399f96d56c99

Reinstalling KeyJazz under a different name, such as forced monophonic, is a good sollution mentioned in the earlier posts.

The only bad thing is I have to wait for it…