Make a option to turn “keyjazz” off. Please.

my vote goes for this one, too. :)

please yes its doin my head in. the only thing thats bad about usin this tracker is not being able to turn keyjizz off.
if ur worried about getting too many support mails about it why not rename it or have a popup saying ‘are u sure you want to turn keyjazz off you wont be able to play your trance chords’ or whatever…

i’m still into this one. :)
kinda got costumed erasing all notes and noteoffs in the following collumns created by renoise itself, & inserting them by hand in the collumn i wanted them to be recorded in + “ctrl-shift-left-arrow”-ing the inserted collumn back… bla bla…

please taktik… :(

yep, should be definitely turned OFF!!


sorry… I’d like to be able to turn keyjazz off too. I seldom use chords anyway. Shouldn’t be a hard thing to implement?

what? chords is life! :ph34r:

nah, I usually stay clear of 'em :lol:
altho I did use some piano chords on the last chorus of my latest single a-side:…_and_eat_it.mp3

one joy of tracker music, when creating multiple drum sound rhythms in a single track is:
the one drum sound will cut off the other drum sound. . . this is a wonderful thing.
currently, i have to bash my keys to create a drum beat (in real time) and then go through the entire track copying each instance into the first column and then deleting the other columns.
ahhh…i remember that old “KEYJAZZ OFF” button,… the halcyon days ;)

please make keyjazz optional… i agree that this is the only major problem with your great software…

big up the woldsmassive!

i like the idea of making it an option. i use renoise live (i know i’m weird but i’m used to using trackers live)

there’s obviously enough clamoring over it to warrant turning it off, but i think there are enough people who use it to make it a configuration option.

maybe keyjazz should be turned on all the time.

just an option to switch
a) recording played notes the way it is right now
b) recording notes JUST to the collumn i’m in.

that would be nice. :slight_smile:

That’s the ticket! ;)

As i remember, i saw somewhere in forum, it can be switched off by some hidden key combo… :ph34r:

I really don’t think that such a shortcut key combo exist

No, but you can drive a lot of folks pretty insane by keeping this rumour alive.

stop doing that!!! :rolleyes: <_< :)

an option to turn it on/off would be nice indeed!!! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :dribble: :dribble: :dribble: :panic: :panic: :panic:

why that option was removed in first place?

i think it was [CTRL][ALT][DEL] :rolleyes:

Heh, was just tearing my hair out over this one last night.
Keyjazz on/off switch, please. It really screws with the midi input if you have triggers that don’t send offs.

Since the release of 1.5, this topic has come up a lot, and I fully agree.

I’ve got a good idea for introducing it again:

The abbility to assign the number of polyphonic channels per track.
That means if you set this new parameter to ‘1’ you’ve got ‘Keyjazz off’ and a whole lot of other options.

Greetz, Lwin