The topic description is a misnomer. I’m just trying to explain what I mean.

I loaded my first VSTi today and noticed you can’t play it polyphonically even if the VSTi is polyphonic.

I had to turn on chord mode for that. I then realized this isn’t just about VSTi’s. It’s every sample.

Here’s the behavior I want: While in edit mode: chord mode comes off. While out of edit mode, chord mode comes on, or rather, allows you to play multiple notes as once. Basically, chord mode can stay the way it is, but I want to be able to play polyphically when I’m not editing any tracks (this is called keyjazz).

So the problem is that I don’t want to use chord mode for this. I want chord mode to be something that only applies to when you’re editing, and outside of that, one should be able to play freely and polyphonically without any hassles.

Hassles include: Turning on and off chord mode incessantly, OR having to remove extra channels and edit played notes in the pattern editor. SUPER annoying! :(

The reason for not just scripting this is subtle, like the fact that sometimes I want to have chord mode on in a global sense, and a script that turns it on/off while REC goes on and off would turn it off when I want to use it.

Hold shift while in edit mode and you can insert chords.

Keyboard shortcut Toggler:
one shortcut to toggle between: Rec=ON,Chord=OFF/Rec=OFF,Chord=ON

one shortcut to go to Rec=ON/Chord=Off
one shortcut to go to Rec=OFF/Chord=ON.

the rest im not too sure on (you say you want to use chordmode on/off, but the next sentence you write you don’t want to use it, so i haven’t got the foggiest what you want, to be honest.)

Thanks. The reason I don’t really like the script solution is because I might actually want to globally use chord mode while recording. As that scenario is likely to happen sooner or later, it creates the need for two scriptings, which has me click different buttons.

I guess it’s not that big a deal if THAT’s the case, but this is a longwinded solution and not everybody knows scripting etc. Having the original Renoise easy and fun to use should be a top priority for the devs in my opinion.
And the solution for that is not to let users script their way (which they might not even know about) to doing things that are better suited for hardcoding. There is only really need for one thing - and that is for the devs to implement a tickbox for a keyjazz function.

My two cents.

i’m confused by the “globally use”. so you want to have one shortcut which toggles Rec=ON/Off (like i guess Esc is in default Renoise) and does not change chordmode, and one shortcut which is Rec=OFF/Chord=ON, Rec=ON/Chord=Off. and when you press the regular esc key, you want it to do exactly what? :)

By globally use, I mean that I can be in a workflow that has me go in and out of edit mode, record while play mode, and everything else.

As opposed to the “normal” workflow, where I want chord mode to be when I’m not editing to play around with harmonies, and in edit mode have chord mode to be off, in order not to create extra tracks and such.

Chord mode is a misnomer for what I actually want. I want keyjazz. The whole thing is suited for hardcoding, because I don’t really want this to be scripted at all. Scripting is the cumbersome workaround semi-solution imho.

If you’re still in doubt, download madtracker from and check out how keyjazz works. I can’t explain it better than I’ve done. Look at that behaviour, and see for yourself how easy and fun it is to use. THAT is what I want. If you still want to script it, emulate the behaviour it has.

please create a video of how the keyjazz works in madtracker. i’m not on windows.

My brain got an overflow error while trying to computer the above! :(

Since I’m more hoping for a dev to look at this, I’m cutting my losses here due to lack of time.

Don’t understand! Chord Mode only creates extra track when Edit Mode is on. With Edit More Off you should still be able to jam away polyphonically as much as you want. I can and always have been able to anyway!

In other words it should already behave the way you describe in your first post, unless I don’t understand.

Madtracker posts notes in separate tracks i think (The old FastTracker behavior).

Somehow i think you miss the control panel at the bottom of the pattern editor:

The fourth button from the left, toggles the keyjazz mode.
If you don’t see that panel, rightclick the pattern editor and select “Show control panel” (I’m currently at work, so can’t provide you a proper screenshot, but you can find the toggle around the very bottom of the context menu).
If the button is not toggled on, you won’t be able to play polyphonically.

With sample based instruments, take care you have the NNA set to either Continue or Note Off if you don’t want to have your samples “Cut” off because that is misinterpretation number 2 regarding polyphony.

Strange thing is I opened Renoise to double-check this and turned off Chord Mode, played a couple of simple chords on the computer keyboard to myself and confirm it worked. Since then have opened and closed Renoise a couple of times and now it is actually working as you describe. Pretty sure I’ve changed nothing else…