Keypress Detection While Playing

We have touched upon this problem before, as I reported that a newly set blockloop could be missed, when a combination of high tempo and CPU usage was present. It really bugs me, that otherwise useful shortcuts as “Move to Previous Row with EditStep” is useless in a live situation: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…

For a demonstration of what I mean, try loading the “cpu_load_bench”, and hit pageUp whenever the cursor is just below the second set of notes.
Sooner or later, the beat will come out of sync (here, it happens almost every time, but improve when I reduce the number of tracks).

Looking through the list of navigation shortcuts, I think the issue is only relevant to the following:

  • Move to Next Row with EditStep
  • Move to Previous Row with EditStep
  • Jump 16 Rows Up
  • Jump 16 Rows Down

You guys are the cause of my sudden death, really…

I see that this would be useful, but I cant promise that I can fix this for all related shortcuts. Hard to explain why, but these shortcuts never were thought as “Live Looping” tools. Can I move this topic to the suggestion bo forum to keep this in mind for later?

No sweat! Actually I thought about that back when I posted, since I’m probably the only one who use it these shortcuts, anyway :wink:

Edit: I’m using this shortcut mostly for stuff like offsetting beats. Nice trick to pull off when you’re jamming with someone else, or mixing Renoise into another beat.