Keyzone A Sample to Multiple Keys not next to each other - How?

So I am currently making a superbreak xrns. The idea is that I have the second 8 bar portion of the amen break sliced in an xrns. The 8 8th notes are put under C4-G4, and then I want to put a kick drum sample (909 or 660) underneath the C, D, F, and F# Keys. So I have an all in one kick drum and break instrument.

How do I put my kick drum sample just on the C, D, F, and F# keys? Currently for each sample I can only place one 4 sided polygon.

There’s a couple of options here. The first option is to just duplicate the kick sample and place the keyzone of each copy onto a single note.

The second option works if you’ve destructively sliced the break. You can put the kick drum keyzone across the whole range and raise its floor (it’s 60 in pic below, but could be 7F or whatever), then lower the zones of the C#, E and G notes so that they’re below the kick keyzone. Now record the C, D, F, and F#notes in the Pattern Editor as normal, but enter a value below the kick range into the volume column for other notes. If necessary, you can disable the VEL->VOL option to always maintain full volume.


Hmmmm ok I will try this. Thanks much brother.