Keyzones and inserting samples

So i ran out of sample space while making huge dynamic instrumets, And question is:
Is there any way to paste more samples to instrument that already has samples?
Currently i have to do it one by one, but i can add several with one click? (shift of ctrl doesn´t seen to work).

Am I the only one that doesn’t quite understand the question? You can select multiple samples in the Disk-Op with Ctrl or Shift plus clicking (or Shift+Up/Down.) Then you can drag them into the sample list or directly onto the keyzone area.

But suitable sample naming and a tool to automatically create the instrument would be a lot easier and is something which as been discussed but I don’t think anybody has as yet created…\

Ah, thank you.

I’m glad that does help you, I really wasn’t sure that was what you meant.

I was being lazy and tried to drag them directly from my explorer´s folder :)/>.

Another question
Is there a possibility to configure an instrument like this? →

Let´s say have 3 piano samples with different volumes like fortissimo, mezzo forte and pianissimo and i want to use them in one instrument so that pressing midi keyboard softer or setting volume 1f would just trigger pianissimo sample instead of tempering with sample volume.
currently if i try to activate quieter sounds, you can hardly hear them since they were already quiet before affecting the sample volume.

i think the “Vel-vol” button is what you need:

read the tutorials about it

Brilliant! Thank you :)

I think this is possible if you change a setting in the preferences, go to:

edit / preferences / files

and check or uncheck ‘create multi-sample instruments’ in the wav import section.