kick hihat mechanics of two step, battle step, tech step, dark step


once some guy told me some differences for kick snare mechanics in drum and bass. he told me about two step, battle step, tech step, dark step.

he told me that the snare hunts the kick or the kick hunts the snare, like:

bum zik, bum bum zik, bum zik, or

zik zik bum, zik bum zik,

i would like to know more about this detailed mechanics in each sub genre, maybe i find then some prober syntax for more easy google. i am lost.

Many thanks for answers!

Start with hats on every 16th note, on every 2nd beat of 4th note put snare, then kicks is easyest part, put kick on first beat and then just randomly enter them within 16th notes limits, beware of using too much kicks, and extra points is given if you use triplets with kicks, if you want to sound like a dubstep psy dark and deep use kick triplet in the begining of thr beat. Also add one more pattern and enter 20% - 40% velocity snares, best using at the end of your 1 or 2 bar drum pattern. And that about it, if yout pattern is boring after all these steps add some clicks and blops randomly, cymbals are shit, dont use them more often than 4 in 1 minute at the begining of the beat. And at the end if you want to sound like a black person add random variatons of closed and open hihats in your every 16th note
pattern. After all these steps put a swing on that shit and randomly delete some of the hihats

Good luck with your explorations

Haha, this cookbook recipe sounds so great, I must try this. :smiley:

It’s also not so much about conveyor belts, but about dj’s who want to mix together stuff for the crowd that keeps a steady pace, and not boom too weird differently with every tune.

everything is about sales and sales is about conveyor. allmost all new gear comes with another techno demonstration because its reach bigger number of buyers, "here you go all new fancy boxes that can be used by even infants and deaf people lol :smiley: new features comes with updates so fast, that i cant even check out and use half of them,

no one is interested in cool and creative stuff, because it is time consuming and not everyone can do music using someting from actual music, and that is no buy.

i am interested in new gear i see all cool superpowered gear, but everything in common is awesome demos like its 1984 all the time :smiley:

i have feeling that nothing moving forward anymore, same music, same fashion, same looking smartphones.

Oh I myself feel about dnb, which is discussed here, - a convention, or several of them, to make crowds space out, or chill on mixes. What makes the creative part of it is how you work within those conventions to make something outstanding in it. But really - a dj needs to be able to blend the tunes, with traditional turntables, without making the crowd puke. This is of course not the faint of the heart when it comes to to total artistic freedom, sure. But the crowd want to bop, and won’t like to hear the same shit every weekend, but some new nuances, rad effects above the beat, refined rhythms on the basic structure, and such. Sure, some Producers make money with this subcultural attitude, but not so many. Very many producers and labels don’t really get rich on it, but rather keep something alive and evolute it on. Probably something that was their space of mind once ago, and maybe even still is.

Hey, what about graffiti artists spinning on ever same styles, not for money, but for fame and the kick of spraying it? You think they’ll ever get rich on it, or do within calculus of establishing commercial values?

Still would love to know about condensement of those conventions in simple patterns. But when you listen to a lot of tunes from those styles, you’ll see there’ll always be cool variations, breaking the conventions partially. They still have to work alongside the rest of the set. But as easy as could be - if you wish to engroup in a channel, just tune in the other stuff already there. It’s not that hard listening to some mix or a few tunes you know where they line up with, and count on “Booouw-Ikk-Tekk’s” and such yourself.