Kill Myself... Need Help!

hey guys. i just started a track two hours ago, and suddenly renoise crashed. i’ve been so busy while tracking that i forgot to save it :( i restarted renoise, hoping to get the “renoise crashed during…”-message but there wasn’t one.
i’ve also searched for *.xrns on my laptop but i couldn’t find any remains of the module… :(
does renoise save these crash-remains in a different file format or in a special folder?
someone help me please - i’m so fucked! i startet this track for a gig on saturday. i’m such an idiot for not saving :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

something similar happened to me a while back - cant help you but remember to turn on auto backups!

yes i did. i tried to rebuilt it.worked pretty good, but i spent more than an hour with that, so that’s why i missed the first reading this morning because i slept too long ^^

oh thats messed up :( Yeah, either autosave or keepin’ your trigger fingers on ctrl+s is your best bet for steady tracking. Reminds me of an old Amiga 500 episode where I tracked for a whole day, and was bopping the head and moving my feet to the finished track in the evening. Then, I accidentally kicked out the power button, oh how much I cried lol.

I usually keep two files per work in progress. Whenever something
drastic is about to happen that could possibly involve massive soft-
and/or hardware problems, it’s time for a new file.

So yes… I’ve been down that road… Still, I never autosave… I HATE it
when I’m in the middle of something and need to wait 2 minutes for a
file that needs to be saved.

yeah man, i just wanted to scream with full power, but what would my neighbours think… ;)
the thing is. renoise crashed already before and it was recoverd without problems. the second time it crashed was undoing some envelope automations and suddenly it stopped… couldn’t do anything, neither panic-button nor changing to pattern editor or something. there wasn*t even a failure-message :(
but i did well in rebuilding it again