Kind of a work in progress/hip hop demo

This is really just a sketch, “a work in progress.” Its not complete at all. I really can’t explain right now, but I thought I would share kind of, “the latest ideas of music I am having.” You do not have to listen the full 2 minutes to get the impact. Its just a loop, that goes around and around. However, I think you will be surprised if you think to yourself, “why can this loop like that, and seem to change, but stay the same.” But I am not explaining that.

This is 100% Renoise, produced/mix/mastered + vst effects, and synths. However: I am still trying to figure out, "what I am going to do about more sampling. Which is why, this is a sketch, and is the way it is. I didn’t even bother to put a bridge, or make an intro arrangement.

Mostly, what I have been working on, is getting my drum sound, “really where I want it.” And also, I have been continually thinking about synthesizers and their sequencing.

Thanks fer the listens :slight_smile:

Renoise is = Time


Sampling* is an art-form and requires time and attention, so I’d suggest hitting some charity shops for cheap old CDs, Vinyls or VHS tapes and spend some time enjoying the original works for their own sake before choosing the bits you might like to incorporate and adapt into your own tracks.

As the physical medium for music declines people are becoming increasingly lazy and want quick fixes but audio foraging can be immensely rewarding if you put in a bit of effort and will give rise to much more interesting compositions.

*(as in ‘real’ sampling where one is actively seeking out interesting musical snippets and ‘found sounds’ through independent means rather than downloading a pack of 200 greatest breaks ever, etc)

Awesome comment, good thoughts