Kinda Breakcore Remix Of One Of My Tunes


I’ve been diggin Venetian Snares and stuff like that lately. So I played around with one of my old tunes and ended up with this remix:

Any comments are appreciated. One challenge was to make the harder and more aggressive sound blend with what is basically a pop tune…

Pretty good. Later on it doesn’t sound like much of a breakcore-ish remix. More of a softer IDM style track. If you’ve heard the Venetian Snares album Detrimentalist, and the song Poo your self jason, its sort of like it. It has amens and the like, but its somewhat lacking what would define it as breakcore. A higher bpm might solve this :P

Keep it up though!

Hey, thanks for listening and your comments!

Ok, so basically you think it looses it’s edge when the vocals enters, right? One way would be to loose the “in between lines” in the chorus and only keep the chopped up parts. Would leave more room for the drums, which could be developed kind of like the beginning, or even further.

I also thought about a higher bpm, but that’s not enough on it’s own. How much do you think the fact that I have chord progressions going on is taking away from the breakcoreish feel? I mean most tunes in that style would either have a looping progression or a single-chord groove.

At the end of the day I don’t really care what musical label it put on what-ever-I-generate, but I would to blend the more harder sound of for instance vsnares into my stuff.

Agreed with the last sentence. I don’t know how to improve the vocal parts because I don’t really use those in my tracks. Try like, breakcore amen mashes, then vocal samples. Like pitch shifting snares like you have in the beginning, to a vocal sample. Just breakcore techniques :P I don’t know what to say on the chord progressions either.

Ok, I raised the tempo from 160 to 180 and made more room for the beats in the chorus (removed the in-between line and the other-than-E-chords).

Sounds like it could work. I’ll work a bit more on it, and hopefully post a new version tomorrow…

Very nice. What break have you used there?

Funky drummer :yeah:

So here’s a new, more breakcore-like version:

How about that?

Funky breaks there ;)

Thanks - and thanks for listening!