[Kinda Done B7] Suggest To Make 0Db Button.

I think it would be extremely handy to have this button, coz there are a looooot of times you work in Renoise and have to slide down volume immideately with Renoise volume slider on this picture(just so you doesn’t have to switch to audiocard / widnows or else mixer), but to set it back to 0db you have to go to mixer, than write there value 0 etc…which is not very fast to come back for work.

I suggest 0db shortcut button for post-master track :))

I just use the volume control on my sound hardware to control the volume. The master gain for me is part of the song, and isn’t adjusted unless I actually want to change the mastering level, although I can see why someone might want to use it this way if a physical volume control isn’t to hand.

You could try adding a Gainer on the master channel, which you can disable whenever you want to reset the mastering volume, and leave the regular mastering gain alone.

Well, fair enough, but i think it should be something native and handy, unless you have hardware to control volume (for me pre-volume is part of song, but past volume is 0db or used to immideately cut the audio or make it just less loud in the night for example, to edit)
I dunno, it’s just my kind of fetish, thought maybe anyone else could like)

why? because if you want to have mix from 0db u need do it master fader as maximum up and prees this button

I thought that this button dynamically defines threshold of maximum signal and cut it to needed level (limiter-style), no?

Here, a script that allows you to assign a keyboard shortcut to it and a midi mapping.
Since you pointed out the upper meter, that is the post volume fader.
If you need the pre volume fader to be set to 0db, then unquote this line in the source:
– renoise.song().tracks[_].prefx_volume.value = 1

Cool man, thx)

Added the ability to reset any slider’s value to it’s default in B7 by double-clicking it. So this also resets to 0dB in the mixer and in all Renoise devices.

Now this is purely awesome!
Can becoime extra handy and will make workflow way faster!


ok you are rigth i think about normalize about full mix. )

Thanks for making me waste two terrible minutes in my life creating a tool :P

Awesome! Thanks for putting this feature in! Looking forward to it.