Kinda frustrating request experience here due lack of structure


honestly I find it a bit frustrating to post ideas and feature requests in here, since most topics will be lost in space after some time, even if lot of people agreed and like the suggestion.

My suggestion to Danoise and Taktik would be:

  • Adding 10 simple and mandatory tags like: automation, mixer, dsp etc.

  • More frequent simple answers like “yes” or “no” from Taktik - if you know already.

  • Subforum view will show those tags on top, so its obvious how to find a post instead writing a new one.

  • Please disable the page limit in the sub forum. Also it seems that old topic get lost in google, too?

Thanks for consideration.

dblue mentioned that nothing on this board is neglected , I do suffer from this bad habbit of bumping topics out of frustration .

But I honestly believe that the ideas and suggestions are looked at , which does not mean they will be implemented in the next ren.version .

Which is …A GOOD THING …otherwise this forum would be abandoned .


I managed to get the split pattern option implemented by bringing it up here and on the facebook page so they definitely do listen even if they don’t reply to you.

Yes, don’t want to say that they don’t read it. I know it’s read. But honestly, does no one else see the need for a more strict structure in the forum section?

Maybe they could have the requested features they have noted catalogued in a pinned topic exactly the same as Danoise’s post.Thats about it really.

This was about organizing the feature request section and nothing else… Not in general. So many topic are newly opened again and again. It was an idea so new users easily could find existing fitting topics.

Or simply creating sub forums in the feature request forum…