Kmag Blu Mar Ten Remix Competition

Kmag have joined forces with Blu Mar Ten, SoundCloud, Loopmasters, Finyl Tweek and Surus for an exclusive remix competition. Download the free parts to Blu Mar Ten’s All Or Nothing, remix it and win some great prizes.

The winning remix will be professionally mastered at Finyl Tweek and released as a digital exclusive as part of the Love is the Devil remix project, alongside remixes from dBridge, Marcus Intalex, BCee, Joe Syntax, Unquote and Blu Mar Ten. The winner will also win a SoundCloud pro account, 2GB of free Loopmasters sample packs and £100 to spend in the Surus download store.

One runner-up and the group choice winner (the entry in the group that is favorited the most) will win a SoundCloud Lite account, a free Loopmasters sample pack and £50 to spend in the Surus download store.

Click for the parts and full comp rules & instructions -

Cool, will check this one when I have time.

sounded really good at first sight, because i like blu mar ten … but 30 sound files that have to be downloaded one by one?
that’s really tempting…

I empted my downloads folder, clicked all the download icons then dragged it all into Renoise.

Here’s my entry:

Hi guys!

We have just uploaded our entry for the Blu Mar Ten remix contest! We’ve tried to do something completely different, and we sincerely hope you will like it.

If you enjoyed the track, please favorite and/or comment the track on SoundCloud!

Thanks <3