Kniteforce - Free (old Skool Hardcore) Sample Pack

free kniteforce sample pack (for non-commercial use) :

this is the first of hopefully many sample packs the ever-unstoppable luna-c is releasing from his archives for fans to remix. i for one will be doing something with this, but i’d love to hear what other people here can come up with from it. if you don’t know kniteforce, its probably THE best old skool breakbeat hardcore label, luna-c is a truly inspiring artist with his work and his ethos, kniteforce stuff still makes me want to rave my ass off and laugh like hell, because the samples, everything, its so absurd, so old skool, and his approach of breaking genre boundaries within hardcore is probably more relevant today than ever. but yeah… before the kniteforce shop closed down i got my hands on the entire kniteforce back catalogue including rarities, which he was selling on dvd-r, so cool

please post your tracks if you do anything with this!

Cooooooooool, I managed to buy Past Present Future 4 before the shop vanished… Fill check this out.