Know Any Good Internet Animation Series?

Thanks, vvoois, for the link to Red Vs Blue! Hilarious stuff :) Does any of you know about more things like that on the Net?


HIGHLY recommended.

although its flash / comic only.

Umm… this is o-l-d, but if you haven’t heard, then click

haven’t watched it for ages, so cannot really comment on quality

happytreefriends is disgusting. Hence I love it. also, there was some old stuff done by tim burton/danny elfman (oliver, stan or something ?) and there is some new stuff of a little gothic-girl laying madness on the world, but I forgot that name too …

great post, huh ? :(

aaaaaaaahahahahahahhahahhahahhahahhamuaahahheehiaeeaoiaeiueehoaeiHAEOAUEMAEEAUA!!! PLOL :D

The princess comic is very cool :)

Laughed my ass off

LOL :lol: :lol:
As a very fan of FF such as I am… I simply loved that! :)

mhh, I think I take a year off just to play ff3-7 (?) on the snes … never finished one of those :(

too much coffee man

check it out. :D

Salad Fingers by David Firth. Can be found here. Take a look at his other stuff. The guy is totally crazy…