Komplete Kontrol and Renoise


I am planning on getting a Komplete Kontrol (basically only because of the knob page feature) and I keep hearing how difficult it is to setup in DAWs like Ableton and even FL Studio. If any of you have experience with the Komplete Kontrol controller, what was your experience like setting it up in renoise?

I’m interested too. This article states that full integration is available in Live, Nuendo, Logic and Cubase:

And by full integration, Native Instruments seems to refer to the ability to switch tracks and record arm.
However, even in the case that you have no integration the keyboard seems to have some basic functionality. It somehow allows you to switch between loaded plugins.

From what I could gather, the integration is done through scripting so the Komplete platform is probably scriptable in Renoise as well.

Hey, have you ever had the chance to dive deeper into this?

I’ve got a Komplete Kontrol M32, which is very well done, especially for the money.

It works well with the Komplete Kontrol VST in Renoise, but i would like to have some more support for Renoise. I’ve done some tests but need to investigate it more. I can see with a USB debugger (tried with Wireshark) that the controller sends messages but i do not found a way to grep and use them with Renoise because they don’t seem to be MIDI. It would be cool to control Renoise, map Doofer controls natively and have a bidirectional conversation between the controller and Renoise (state of buttons, infos on the little display). Maybe someone from the Renoise dev team has connections to NI and is able to get some insights on how to add Renoise to the supported DAWs?

ebastian Hello! did you get any information about this keyboard? I am planning to buy an M32 for use with Renoise