Komu - 5 to 4 "Rhythm Roulette"

(Komu) #1

New track!
Little different approach than usual.
I decided to do my own “rhythm roulette”.
I went to crate digging and bought 4 records, and then sampled only sounds from those albums.
At first I only used 3 records, but then I decided to break the rules and sampled 2 other records!
So every sound you hear is from vinyl, 5 different records total. :slight_smile:


All the samples that I found on those records:

Should I start “Komu’s Rhythm Roulette” monthly competition? :smiley:

(Same Freaky Sound) #2

Nice work Komu, a very fine sample selection in here :slight_smile:

(Djeroek) #3

Smooth chill out :sunglasses:, which were the records you’d selected?

Rhythm roulette is fun!

(Komu) #4

Thank you!
I was lucky, Didn’t know what was on those records (except drum fill and contrabass). But I think that my sample radar is quite good nowadays. :slight_smile:

(Komu) #5

These are the random diggings (The Staples was shitty, didn’t use it):

And added fill and contrabass:

(Komu) #6

Oh hey! That reggae rhythm guitar is from Marley’s record too!

(schranzonator) #7

Would be awesome if you could organize this :ok_hand:. would def be onboard, vinyl sampling was always fun, but i kind of neglected it in the past years.

(Komu) #8

Hey why not? Does there have to be a catch or price or something? In MPC-forum there is weekly battles, and winner decides next weeks samples and rules.

(schranzonator) #9

Looks like a nice system. always good to make something out of some unexpected material.
could combine it with a theme or some sampling technike (or some workflow in renoise). there is yet much to discover for me :wink: